Friday, August 31, 2007

rapidly prototyped

Siddhartha and me made this lamp...Lets hear some critique

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chintan said...


just checked your web-log as you had left a comment on mine....

fantastic stuff! (your designs/products/ideas/inspirations)


Anonymous said...

not "happening" yet!

Anonymous said...

Very nice

swanklighting said...

Great! So beautiful. Have you seen any of Adam Frank's products? This reminds me of them in a way, both use the item making the light to produce interesting light and shadow patterns. Fun!

Scott Bennett said...

This is fantastic. Any plans for producing it?

chairmann said...

Well the idea was to make this as an open source design. I have to take it to the national association of the blind and see if they would like to make and sell these lamps.

Animation.Art.Design.Studio said...

Hey ho!
Mann, love you works ya.... seeing it after a long gap. Interesting impressions must say. Of all I personally like your play with light a lot.
Keep being cool!;)
N hey good to see you on blogspot!

Big Cheers!

Anonymous said...

who is Siddhartha?...the one with whom you made tha "rapidly prototyped"...its amazing work! cheers to both of ya!